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Hey, that's me!

A free-spirited 70's baby, I was born in south Florida and always seemed to approach things in my own unique way. From a young age, I loved to illustrate my world around me which is why graphic design is the halmark of my work.

My career began exclusively in print focusing in full brand design work. Later I expanded to website design and multimedia development at the University of Pittsburgh and have since been dubbed a "unicorn" who is an advanced designer and programmer.

In 2000, I officially founded Rootmotion Design Group in Pittsburgh, PA where I chose to work exclusively with underrepresented artists who were talented up and coming freelancers like myself.

After 15 years producing successful projects for arts, education and non-profit organizations, I relocated to Atlanta, GA in 2015 and co-founded Design Frequency with marketing guru Treshea Wade.

My day gig: I currently work remotely from Atlanta for the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center at Carnegie Mellon University as a Senior Multimedia Designer.

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What I Do.

I've been quite busy creating beautiful products and projects for over 15+ years

Graphic DESIGN

I create products that connects with my client's audiences, across a variety of platforms and I invest in every outcome.

WEB development

I develop web experiences using various technical approaches and architecture. Specializing in Content Management Systems customizations.

mobile Design

I design user interfaces for successful mobile engagement campaigns which expand reach throughout social realms.

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Currently available for freelance projects in June 2017.

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Being busy is a good problem to have when working on these projects.

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If you are interested in working together, get in touch with me. Seriously.

Phone: 412-404-3824

Address: Shandra Williams
Atlanta, Georgia
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